Pine Mountain Logs Innovation

Innovative Features

New Concentrated Formula – Newly formulated Pine Mountain® Firelogs are engineered to be more efficient and to deliver a more consistent burning firelog.




Sparking New Ideas

Pine Mountain® brand is dedicated to providing you with innovative products that reflect your values. For example, our firelogs produce fewer pollutants than traditional cordwood fires. Pine Mountain® Firelogs, with their new, concentrated formula, make them a greener choice than burning cordwood. Benefits include:

  1. Release up to 75% less particulate matter*
  2. Release up to 80% less carbon monoxide into
    the air*
  3. Requires less packaging

We take great pride in bringing you innovations. Fresh ideas. Smart technology. True sustainability.


More warmth. More time. More life.™


*15th Emission Inventory Conference, New Orleans, May 2006