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How do I light Pine Mountain® and Java-Log® Firelogs?
Simply place the firelog on the fireplace grate with the logo facing forward and light the arrows marked on the wrapper. Then, sit back and enjoy a beautiful fire.



What do I do if the firelog won’t light

  Without tearing, loosen paper. Place one firelog on grate. If your log fails to ignite please be sure you have followed the directions on the package and then check the following:

1. Ensure the chimney flue is open. Proper ventilation is required to ensure ignition.

2. Is the wrapper properly separated from the log?

3. Tug on it to be certain it is not stuck to the log surface, which can inhibit ignition.

4. Check for a downdraft; is there a rush of cold air coming down from the chimney? If so, you may need to wait for calmer conditions.


Where can I purchase Pine Mountain® and Java-Log® product?
Consult our store locator on the web site or contact us and we’ll be glad to help.


Should I leave the fireplace’s glass open while burning Pine Mountain® and Java-Log® Firelogs?
Yes, unless the fireplace manufacturer's instructions indicate otherwise. After your firelog has burned completely, it is fine to close the glass doors to help keep warm air in the house. The fireplace damper should be left open until the ashes remaining from the fire have cooled completely.



Is it necessary to use a fireplace screen while burning Pine Mountain® and Java-Log® Firelogs?
Yes. A wire-mesh fireplace screen is an important safety precaution, whether you’re burning a firelog or firewood.


My firelog has a strange odor. Should I be concerned?
Like most manufactured products, firelogs do have an odor that comes from the manufacturing process. The odor itself depends on the materials used, therefore some firelogs smell differently than others. The wrapper should remain closed until you burn the log. Check to make sure the flue is open to ensure proper ventilation. Check for a downdraft; is there a rush of cold air coming down from the chimney? If so, you may need to wait for calmer conditions to prevent smoke and odors from drafting back into the home.



Should I use irons while burning Pine Mountain® and Java-Log® Firelogs?
No. Our firelogs need a supporting grate with maximum 3” separations to ensure adequate airflow and rigidity. Manufactured firelogs tend to soften as they burn, so the support of a fireplace grate will help ensure a brilliant burn.


Can I burn more than one Pine Mountain® or Java-Log® Firelog at a time?
No. Our firelogs were designed for single use. They produce up to twice the BTU per pound of wood. Additionally, Java-Log® flames are up to 3 times more brilliant than wood fire flames. Burning more than one firelog at a time could result in too large or too hot a fire for your fireplace, which could be dangerous.


Should I use Pine Mountain® and Java-Log® Firelogs as firestarters?
No. Only our StarterLogg® Firestarters were designed to be used as firestarters. Click here to view our StarterLogg® Firestarter.


Can I burn Pine Mountain® and Java-Log®  Firelogs in my backyard fire pit or chiminea?
Yes. Pine Mountain® and Java-Log® Firelogs are appropriate for outdoor use, including fire pits, camping and chimineas as long as they are not burning in an airtight container. For chimineas, we recommend using our 2 Hour Pine Mountain® Firelog since the BTU content of a 3 Hour or 4 Hour log may be too extreme for the enclosed area. We also recommend contacting your local authorities to learn about outdoor burning regulations in your area.


Can I add wood to Pine Mountain® and Java-Log®  Firelogs?
We don’t recommend it. They burn with such brilliance on their own.


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