Pine Mountain Logs and the Environment


It's Your Legacy. A Cleaner Burning Fire Means a Greener World.

There are many environmental benefits of burning firelogs instead of wood. Pine Mountain® Firelogs burn cleaner than cordwood, and are greener. We have a continual commitment to the environment across all our operations, including shipping, packaging, and formulations. Nearly all of the materials in our products are derived from renewable resources.

Pine Mountain® Firelogs produce up to 80% LESS Carbon Monoxide*, and up to 75% LESS Particulate matter*. Additionally Pine Mountain® Natural Firelogs release up to 80% LESS Combustion Residue, up to 78% LESS Carbon Monoxide, and up to 66% LESS Creosote and Particulate Accumulation**.

The greener alternative for the fires you enjoy. Your choice is a clean one.

*15th Emission Inventory Conference, New Orleans, May 2006
**Omni Environmental Services, Inc. April 2007

Pine Mountain Vs.  Real Wood